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Wonder: The Life of the Party

We’re breaking down the video walls and encouraging social butterflies to spread their wings.

Nothing short-circuits a good time like feelings of alienation. Maybe that’s why people feel so fatigued after attending social events on traditional video conferencing platforms—they’ve been trapped in a box the whole time. 

Wonder solves this problem by allowing attendees to virtually wander among conversational circles, replicating that natural, magical feeling of floating from one exciting conversation to the next. Learn how our users brought life back to their parties on Wonder.

The whole story behind Wonder is very unique. Three guys from Berlin had this startup during the pandemic. It’s David versus Goliath.

Julia Boger - Doctor of Philosophy with the World University Service

Julia Boger, a Doctor of Philosophy with the World University Service, has used half a dozen networking platforms over the past couple of years, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Gather Town. Still, when it came to something really special—her own disco-themed birthday party with 16 attendees—she picked Wonder.

The two features that appealed to her most were the ease of customization and the natural, intuitive way in which partygoers could interact. Attendees of all types, including both techies and non-technical guests, joined in for the fun. She set her party against the backdrop of a living room, set up a “chillout” zone, and played disco music in the background.

“With Wonder, it’s very intuitive when it comes to bringing in different backgrounds,” Boger said. “Wonder has this wonderfully simple surface but it’s still very interactive and inviting. It was really cool to see people interact in this new way."

Host a Festive Winter Wonderland

Wonder was the only one I knew where you could move around freely. It was quite easy to handle, and easy to explain to people.

Leonard Hoeck - founder of Teamamazing

No stranger to virtual communications platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, Leonard Hoeck is the founder of Teamamazing, a Graz, Austria-based agency that hosts roughly 20 virtual and hybrid team building events each month for clients.

Hoeck organized 130 virtual Christmas parties for clients in December 2020 and used Wonder to host corporate after-parties dubbed “Wonder Lands”. His team configured Christmas-themed backgrounds and named room areas after the party theme.

“The biggest party we had was 350 people on the platform, moving around and drinking until 6 o’clock in the morning,” he said. 

He chose Wonder for the after-parties because of its ease of use for participants and ability to allow guests to roam about the room, “Wonder was the only one I knew where you could move around freely. It was quite easy to handle, and easy to explain to people.”

Break Out of the Box

This is really nice. This is the solution.

Erik C. Laan - Space Industry Consultant and founder of Eye On Orbit

Erik C. Laan, Space Industry Consultant and founder of Eye On Orbit, a Rotterdam-based company dedicated to bringing developments in space exploration and commerce to society and business, wanted to throw a virtual party around the November 2020 launch of the Sentinel 6 satellite into outer space. 

“What I experienced with services like Skype and Microsoft Teams was that they were all spoke-based, with a central discussion and everybody listening to that central discussion,” Laan said. 

He sought out a platform that more closely mirrored a real-life networking event, where people pop in and out of discussions. After doing some digging and seeing a recommendation on social media, he stumbled upon Wonder. 

“You can walk around, like you can in a real life networking event,” he said. “You have a sense of mobility, which is what I really liked about it.

I created this Wonder page and 20 people showed up and started mingling and talking to each other and I thought, ‘This is really nice. This is the solution.

Erik C. Laan

Go on, mix ‘n’ mingle

By decentralizing the platform so that no single person takes control of the conversation, Wonder greases the social wheels and gives autonomy back to users who can mingle with one another and spark new ideas and new relationships.

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